Hara-Nelson PT

Thank you for visiting this site and/or for your prior patronage over the years.

After 10 years of service to our neighborhood, we have chosen to close the business. In the relatively near future we will be returning to service under new names and locations.

If you would like to be updated as to our individual whereabouts/situations/timelines, please send a quick e-mail to 1nelsonerik@gmail.com for Erik or marcushara7@gmail.com for Marc.

Please indicate your name, desired return e-mail, and any other contact information you wish. Any other questions or contact information for Christine Irwin can be forwarded to her.

Any new prospective patients needing immediate treatment can also contact us for potential assistance in providing guidance if needed.

Thank you very much for many years of good business, physical triumphs, pains, eliminated pains, laughs, tears, and smiles. We love you all.

In good health,

Erik Nelson and Marc Hara